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END SARS: This Is Just The Beginning, Something Worse Is Coming, Prophet Tells Nigerians

A popular Man of God, known as Prophet Fufeyin Jeremiah, who is the Senior Prophet for Christ Mercy-land Deliverance Ministry announced that another conflict is warming up as he exhorted faithful Christians to pray to God.

The prophecy was given by the prophet while he was responding to the murder that happened at the Lekki Tollgate in Lagos on the 20th of October, 2020.

The clergyman who foresaw the crisis on June 22, 2020. He has requested the church to pray to God with all passion because being quiet on this crisis spells destruction.

It was recollected that this prophet had earlier cautioned Nigerians this year, about some people that were scheming out war, he said further that the occurrence would tremble the nation and leave the nation in a devastating disaster.

The Prophet announced, “Let every one pray for Nigeria. Various things are about to occur. The nation is trembling. Everyone is discussing the news, even small kids.

“I'm seeing some things, Let us pray to God for our country, I've never seen this before. Things which are about to unfold, if it's something good for the nation, it should happen but if it's something bad, pray it should be terminated.

“What is going to happen, every family, all media outlets, news stations will publicize it. Let everyone pray that it is something good. There is a battle. I can not tolerate it, I can not take it, I don’t understand whether it's real or not. “I'm perceiving death,” Fufeyin announced.

The prophet likewise prayed for the casualties who had died to the fight of emancipating the country. He declared, “Do not stay quiet. 

Things are going on in an unruly manner. If you believe the things going on in Lagos, Edo, Rivers, Ibadan, Delta would not have an impact on you, you could be incorrect.” He said further that the church should be strategical in assisting to suppress the tide.

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