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3 Things You Should Do To Avoid Praying Amiss.

Prayer is one of the most effective ways to communicate with God about our needs and also receive guidance on what he wants us to do. While God desires to hear the prayers of his children and grant their requests, he does not want them to pray amiss because praying amiss proves that one does not understand the will of God about what one is requesting from him, and it is important to know the three things you should do to avoid praying amiss.

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Here are three things you should do to avoid praying amiss.

1. You should prove what is acceptable to the Lord by understanding what the will of God is (Ephesians 5:10,17). Before praying to God about anything you desire from him, you need to understand and prove whether such a thing is God's will and is acceptable. This is one of the reasons why Romans 12:2 admonishes that you should be transformed by renewing your mind so that you can prove (understand) the will of God that is good, acceptable, and perfect. Since God knows what you want to ask before you pray to him, you must ensure that what you want to ask is God's will so that you don't pray amiss, and you do this by reading and meditating in the law of God to know what his word says about it.

2. You should submit to God and ask for his counsel. As humans, we always want to lean on our understanding and so we go ahead to ask whatever we want from God without considering if it is what he will approve or not, and this is why Proverbs 3:5,6 instructed that you should acknowledge God in all your ways so that he can direct your paths. The God you should submit to is the Holy Spirit, and since he is also God and has been given to guide you into all truth, you should submit to him and ask for his guidance and counsel on anything you want to ask from God so that you don't pray amiss.

3. You should ask the Holy Spirit to pray (intercede) on your behalf. According to Romans 8:26, the Holy Spirit helps the infirmities of God's children because they don't know how to pray as they should, by making intercession for them with groaning which can not be uttered. This means you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray about what you want to ask from God since he (the Holy Spirit) makes intercession for God's children according to the will of God.

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