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What A Lady Said About Me When Our Plane Was Shaking In The Air & What I Learnt - Poju Oyemade

Pastor Poju Oyemade, the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Covenant Nation sends an important message to believers via a recent video posted on his official Twitter page. He spoke about how little kindness go a long way in ministering to people and told a story of what a lady said about him when their plane was shaking in the air.

He said that he was about to travel to Abuja on air but it was rainy. So later they were told to board the plane and start the journey. As he got into the plane, he said he kept about three Ladies who were struggling to put their bags up but he couldn't even remember any of them acknowledging him for that.

He then said, "The plane took of and it is the worst domestic plane I have ever taken. Suddenly the plane started to shake in the air and was going up and down to the extent that the pilot had to tell us that we are already in the air and there's nothing we can do about it. Then one of the two ladies in front to turn back and said, 'Pastor' and I was so shocked. She further said, "You must be wondering how I know that you are a pastor, the lady behind told us that you are a pastor and the reason why she told us was that when the plane was shaking and we became scared, she said that this is a pastor and they don't need to worry. They then look at me and drew strength that they are all okay.

"It is just then that I realise that all the while they knew that I was a pastor and that small act of kindness goes a long way with them. For them in a setting like this, the pastor usually has people that will put their bags up for them not to talk of you helping other people to put their bags up."

He then said that this is how powerful a small act of kindness go to strangers. What Jesus was saying that, "Who is your neighbor? He was saying that the person was a stranger but that act of kindness made him a neighbour. In order words, what make those people talk to me was because of that act of kindness and you have established a relationship with it.

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