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Why You Should Not Clap After Choir Ministration In Your Church

Choir Ministration is a very important aspect of church services because music is something that everyone likes. Some Christians even uses the singing department to choose which church they will go. However, when a church choir finishes ministering, it is either you enjoy the song or you don't. Those who enjoy the song often show it by cheering, clapping or shouting, which is to praise them. It is however expected that the choristers, on hearing they clapping and cheering, must give glory to God in their minds. 

 However, it is not advisable that we clap our hands because it is a ministration and not an entertainment. They are ministering to us and it is expected that we got the message they are passing across to us in songs. After ministering, it is expected we bow our heads and meditate on what we just heard. It shows that we fully got the message and we are processing it. Someone in this situation will definitely not be able to clap because he or she is thinking about the wordings of the songs in their minds. 

  There have been testimonies in the Christendom about how some people gave their life to Christ during choir ministration. Some people had a total change of character while some even received their healings during choir ministration. These categories of people will definitely not be jumping up after the ministration but they will be thinking about what God has done for them and thanking Him. There are a lot of things that happens during choir ministration that we don't usually know. I pray God open our eyes.

  In conclusion, as long as our choristers are not entertaining us, let's spend more time to think about the word they preach and not just about appreciating the melody of their songs. God will help us in Jesus name.

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