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Midnight: Say These 13 Powerful Prayer Points For Unlimited Testimonies And Blessings In Your Life

1. Father, I thank you because you answer me anytime I call.

2. Forgive me oh Lord and have mercy on me.

3. Oh Lord of heaven, connect me back to you. By your mercies, draw me closer to you.

4. Lord, I call to you for help, please listen to me as I pray. Help me, save me and deliver me from all destruction.

5. Lord, please hurry and help me. My strength has failed me. You are my only hope. Please make haste and help me.

6. Lord, help me control what I say. Don't let me say anything bad.

7. Father, take away my desire to do evil and keep me from joining the wicked in doing evil.

8. Lord, help me to take corrections and godly rebukes. Purge me of any spirit of arrogance or stubbornness in the name of Jesus.

9. Lord Jesus, my family and I look to your for help and protection. Please don't let us die.

10. Father, by your power disgrace those evil people trying to trap me. Don't let me fall into their traps.

11. Let the wicked fall into their own traps while I walk away unharmed in the name of Jesus.

12. Lord , before this month ends, show me how good and wonderful you are. Cause me to testify. Put a new song in my mouth and let men and women come to celebrate with me in the name of Jesus.

Psalms 141, Psalms 142:6-7

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