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See how church contributed to more than 4000 death tolls due to Coronavirus - Opinion (See details)

See how church contributed to more than 4000 death tolls due to Coronavirus - Opinion (See details)

Corona-virus has had a dead toll of over 8000 people in just few weeks of the deadly outbreak of the virus. In my research and inquiries, I discovered that the church in Italy, the Vatican city and the church in South Korea contributed about 60 percent of the dead toll and Here's how, and also my candid opinion to the church heads in Nigeria and CAN.

"Shincheonji Church of Jesus, South Korea, is one of the biggest churches in South Korea. When coronavirus was starting to spread in Korea, the leader of the Church refused to suspend his church services and many worshipers contracted the virus from church. It contributed to 60% of the country's more than 4,000 confirmed cases at that time, which later resulted to many deaths."

Vatican City, the seat of the Pope and world headquarter of the Roman Catholic had delayed in suspending church activities within the Vatican city and in Italy. By the time they ordered the closure of churches on March 12, the virus had infected tens of people in the Vatican and tens of thousands in Italy with more than 2000 deaths. Though it can’t be said that all of them contracted the virus in churches like that of South Korea but it’s a known fact that public gatherings like churches offer higher risks of contracting the virus.

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) should learn from what happened to others and not allow themselves to be complicit in the spread of coronavirus like the Korean’ Shincheonji Church of Jesus or wait till number of coronavirus infections increase or more deaths are recorded like the Vatican before they do the needful.

This is the death rate update for about 15 hours ago and still counting.

Europe is currently leading in the death rate with about 3,421 dead patients and followed by Asia with about 3,384 dead patients.

"I know the clergypreneurs among them who would hate to miss out on their tithe and offering revenues and those of them who are more powerful than Jesus Christ would quote scriptures and insist on going ahead with church activities during this period but CAN should remember that wisdom is the principal thing (Prov. 4:7) and save lives by ordering her members to suspend all worships and activities in their Churches."

This is my opinion and according to my research, check the facts on Google and other reports from the Corona-virus updates.

What's your opinion to CAN?

What's your opinion on the safety measures to be taken?

Share your thoughts and advice in the comment section below.




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