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30 special prayer points for children everyday please don't miss it

1 Lord I thank you for this day, giving my child a good health

2 Lord I thank you for showing my children mercy

3 Lord, I thank you for protecting my children from the evil ones

4 Lord, I thank you for destroying every mark of darkness concerning my children's life

5 Lord, Let my children be very successful in life in Jesus name

6 Lord, any sickness that the devil wants to plant in my children's life, root it off in Jesus name.

7 Lord, never let my children inherit the garment of war that I inherited from my parent in Jesus name

8 Lord, use your precious blood to protect my children from all kind of evil in Jesus name

9 Lord, whatever evil word, the enemy has spoken to my children life, Lord destroy in Jesus name

10 Lord, give my children the power to succeed in life in Jesus name

11 Lord, every evil covenant written for my children, use your powerful hand to destroy it in Jesus name

12 Every seed of untimely death in my children life, destroy it in Jesus name

13 Lord, every bad luck that want to follow my children everywhere, Lord break them away in Jesus name

14 Lord, destroy every chain of stagnancy that does not want my children to move forward in Jesus name

15 Lord, let my children be immune to all power of wicked herbs, never let power herbs overcome them in Jesus name

16 Lord, let my children stand before kings, princes and great people in Jesus name

17 Lord, don't allow evil prophecy have power over my children in Jesus name

18 Lord, decree your fruitfulness in to my children's life in Jesus name

19 Lord, bless my children spiritually , physically in Jesus name

20 Lord, Jesus never allow my children eat poverty meal in Jesus name

21 Lord, let my children find Favour wherever they go in Jesus name

22 Lord, decree easiness into my children's life in Jesus name

23 Lord, the power to know book , give it to my children in Jesus name

24 Lord, destroy every power that wants to work against my child's destiny in Jesus name

25 Lord, whatever gift, talent, the enemy has stolen from my children, restore it in Jesus name

26 Lord, cloth my children with honor, riches and wealth in Jesus name

27 Lord, Jesus give my children retentive memory in Jesus name

28 Lord, Let your power of protection be upon my children day and night in Jesus name

29 Lord , do not let my labor over my children success go in vain in Jesus name

30 Lord, the spirit that will want my children in future tag me as a witch when they are successful, Lord destroy the spirit in Jesus name.

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