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Take Time To Pause, Ponder And Reflect Over Your Life

Often while reciting psalms we come across this word selah. As soon as I checked its meaning, I found out. It means a technical musical term perhaps showing accent, pause, interruption. To me it means to stop, to stop and to reflect on what has been said or done. There should be moments in our lives to pause and ponder on what the Lord is saying to us each moment we read the scriptures. Sometimes we get so busy and excited with activities that we don't stay long enough to actually hear what the Lord is saying. We usually assume that we know what he said and what he meant. While we conclude wrongly, That's when we really need the moment to pause, ponder and listen to what He's saying so that we can get the full meaning. There must be times when we need to stop and reflect on what He has done for us through His grace and mercy. This is the time when instead of talking about the provision, protection, guidance and blessings the Lord has done and bestowed upon us. We focus more on the things that we want and aspire in life. Sometimes we focus on the unnecessary issues and the irrelevant things in life. Instead of pausing and appreciating God's faithfulness, steadfast love and care. We get occupied with the unnecessary. Today, instead of taking the time to digest and meditate on it and meditate on the Word of God. Many are wondering and struggling on how to become rich, successful, fulfilled and abundantly blessed in life. Not knowing that our greatness and success in life depends on how much we digest and obey God's word each day of our lives. The more we take the time to reflect on the Word of God, the more our understanding and knowledge expands, increases and the more our hearts are enlightened and encouraged. The following are the benefits of pondering on the word of God :. The doors of blessings, progress, promotion and relationship will open for your family. Thus, the word of God will illuminate your path to righteousness and greatness. You become victorious over the moves of the enemies. You experience and enjoy immense blessings from God. When you think of eternity, your life will go on the way to heaven. Your heart will be heavenly centered. You will start to stay away from unrighteousness and sin. Jehovah will set you as a good example for many around you. The grace to live above sin will be released upon you. As we take daily pauses and reflections on the word of God more blessings of long life, prosperous health, peace of mind and God's goodness towards our family shall be your portion. It is also necessary to pause and ponder about hell, which is the final destination of Satan and all his agents. Many who fail to obey and obey God's word by living in sin will also have a share in the hell By considering these, it will help us to live rightly and obey the commandments of the Most High easily.


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