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Opinion: why God forsook Christ on the cross

We are in the season of lent, a time of fasting, repentance and calling to mind our sins. Easter is a celebration to show us the suffering that our saviour went through and the reason he went through it.

The begotten son who seated at the right of the father came to this world to die for our sins and carry our burden on his shoulders. He did this so that our burden will be light. He is God and he had no reason to die for us but for the love and compassion he has for his people he had to.

Our saviour suffered a great deal during this time, from the scourging at the Piller, the crowning of his with thorns or the slaps he received from his oppressors and casting of lots for his clothes. He fell three times on his way to Golgotha where he was to be crucified and was mocked by the same people who called him hosanna blessed he comes in the name of the Lord.

On his dying hours on the crossed he shouted father why have thou forsaken me even when he knew he had to go through the suffering. The reason God did not come close to his son at that moment was because Jesus was sinful. He had all the sins of the world on his shoulders, God who is almighty does not associate with a sinful person. That was why Jesus was forsaken by father.

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