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"What Oluwo Of Iwo Is Doing Is Left To Him, He Has Sow Seeds And He Shall Reap"-Imam Of Yoruba (Video)

Oluwo of Iwo

In a current video shared by Alaroye tv, the chief Imam of Yoruba Ilorin continue in his speeches and this time, he spoke extensively on the condition that pertains to the King of Iwo speeches, and he also spoke on the condition that surrounded the name that the most Nigerians give to their child as well.

Chief Imam Of Yoruba Ilorin

He spoke thus: " I have listened to most Oluwo of Iwo speeches, in the recent one he said all the Fulani that are chased out of other Yorubaland or any part of Nigeria should come down to Iwo.

The truth is, there is no how one will not have bastards amidst a race, and when the bastard behaves one would see that if everyone is going on the right side he will be going on the left side.

What I will only say about is disposition is that, when Chief Obafemi Awolowo was alive, we all saw his impact on the Yoruba nation and Nigeria, I know today that no one can speak ill of him, so if a king does anything right or wrong today, it is tomorrow that will tell the importance of such person.

To me everything Oluwo of Iwo is doing is left to him, he has sowed and he will reap.

On the other hand, never give a name you did not know it's meaning to a child, for example, name Abdulaziz is an Islamic name that has a good meaning, but here in Nigeria it will be short for "Azeez" and that meant "Cannabis" in Islam another name like "Sekina" mean"s "knife." So I will advise all Nigerian Muslims to give an indigenous name to their children especially the Yorubas. He ended.

Watch video here

Note: The interview was conducted in Youruba, but every information has been translated above.

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