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Pastors Are Not After Your Tithes And Offering; They Are Sufficient Of Their Own (Opinion)

Pastors Are Not After Your Tithes And Offering; They Are Sufficient Of Their Own

When we talk about Christianity, we know it is the way of life of Christ, in which everyone who claims to be a Christian is modeled to be like Christ. And every Christian can not be called a pastor, because a pastor is an office, and the function of every pastor is to look after the members, and according to the understanding of the scriptures, only a pastor can head a church, because they must look after the members or shepherds as the Bible would describe. As I said, pastoring is an office, so it is not by the title the person bears, but by the office, the person operates in.

In the old testament, we can deduce that all Levites should not work, but should eat from what is supplied to the church, which was a custom to the Israelites. Still, when we got to the new testament, we saw that even pastors, missionaries and so on should not just depend on being a full minister, and not have something they do, I am not saying be a full minister is bad, neither am I saying you should neglect the flocks, and be doing businesses or looking for other ways to get money. He who has sent them will always have a way to bless them. Apostle Paul was a typical example of a full-time minister, and also had something he does with his hands; he was a tentmaker.

And at some point, in one of his letters, he mentioned things like I don't want to bother you with my life, i.e., his feeding, living, etc., that he has what fetches him a good life. Recently there were a lot of talks, debates, arguments, etc., that pastors are using people's tithes, and offerings, and that is what they are using to acquire private jets, to buy new clothes, travel from one country to another, and members are suffering.

While the lockdown was still on, it was reported that Bishop David Oyedepo, said that the Federal Government should open churches, but it was noticed that a lot of people castigated him, saying they want people to come and start paying tithes again, offering again, so that they (pastors) can have money to spend again. This controversial OAP, Daddy freezy, has always been on the lookout, to criticize, and advocate on the issues of tithes and offerings.

And by the scriptures, the tithes are not to be used to eat or feed, but to make sure the house of God is not void, as there will be a need for those resources to cater to many people and not the pastors alone.

But in my own opinion, Pastors Are Not After Your Tithes And Offering, They Are Sufficient Of Their Own, and why did I say this, so many of these pastors have something they do before starting a church or even heading a church or let me say it like this, almost all of them have what they do even presently that gives them money.

Pastor Adeboye, for instance, was a lecturer, you can imagine how much he was collecting then, he is also a writer, he writes so many books. And a lot of members do give him gifts, money, etc. He has a university.

Bishop Oyedepo, is a writer, a businessman, a chancellor, he has a university.

I will major on those two people, but apart from what they have or what they do. Some of them by their report, or better put by their stories, have sold their properties, in times past to see the Gospel go further, and God, who is the owner of the Gospel will surely pay them back, and they are enjoying the reward for all they do.

Another thing, some of them have made some investments and some bought shares while starting and growing as a pastor. So all is just paying off for them now. Well, can't go against the fact that some pastors extort their members, some spend the tithes and offerings on themselves and their families. But the fact remains that most of the pastors that are castigated, are sufficient of their own and not depending on tithes and offerings. And don't forget a portion of the scriptures says, whatsoever a man sows, he will reap. They have sown, now they are reaping.

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