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What trust in the Lord will produce for us - Dr Paul Enenche




By: Dr Paul Enenche

Prayer is proof of trust in the Lord; we pray only because we trust Him

And because we trust Him there are a number of things that He will do for us


1. Preservation from God.

2. The Goodness of the Lord.

3. Inheritance in God.

4. The defense of our portion.

God does not only give you what is yours, He helps you to defend and secure it

He ensures that no devil diverts what is yours

5. A Goodly heritage.

What you receive of God is good and it is transferrable to the next generation

You don’t have useless or wastable children


Father, thank You for Your faithfulness and mercies. Thank You for the arrival of a new day. Be glorified Lord in Jesus Name – Psalm 118:24.

Father, thank You for Your precious Word to us yesterday. Thank You for the life-transforming impact of the Word. To You alone be all the praise Lord, in Jesus Name – Isaiah 9:8.

Father, thank You for the move of Your Power, Presence and Glory in our midst. Go ahead Lord, go all the way, Lord and fulfil Your expectations for Your Church, Dunamis in this season, Lord in Jesus Name – Jer. 29:11.

Father, we pray for the coming Sunday service. We pray for a massive harvest of souls, Lord in Jesus Name. We ask that You open the eyes of the people of the land to see what You are doing in our midst in this season, Lord and bring them in to worship You in this place, Lord in Jesus Name – Acts 2:47, 2Corinthians 4:3-4.

Father, we take authority over every device of the enemy to resist, hinder or antagonize the move of the Spirit in Your Church, Dunamis in this season. We decree victory over all such attempt by the Blood of the Lamb and the power of the Almighty in Jesus Name – Luke 10:19, Rev 12:11a,

Father, thank You for Your Preservation. None of us shall be cut short before time by Your preservation power. I receive preservation for my life, family and loved ones; none shall be a victim of premature death in this season, in Jesus’ Name

Father, by my trust in You, I shall experience Your goodness in the land of the living; all that see me and my family shall acknowledge that we are the seed that the Lord has blessed; let it be visible Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I connect my inheritance in You; as a church we connect our inheritance in You; by our trust in You we connect our inheritance in You, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by my trust in You, I make demands on the defense of my inheritance in You, the defence of my family’s inheritance and the church’s inheritance in You; we decree no devil shall distract, divert or deviate what is ours in You; Father, defend our inheritance in You, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by my trust in You, I have a goodly heritage; my generation is upright and blessed; my seed shall serve the Lord, they shall not be wasted, they shall not be useless; all my children are blessings and assets in Jesus’ Name, in Jesus’ Name.


- No native doctor or witch doctor shall divert what is yours in God!

- You will not die like chicken!

- Every spell of premature death looking for you and your loved ones is arrested!

- Everything you are expecting this week, the week is not permitted to end without your expectation entering into your hands!

- God will give you a special gift in this season!

- Everything negative that followed you from your youth is arrested now!

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Paul Enenche


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