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See some amazing facts about a person born under the Libra Zodiac signs

The sign of Libra is the seventh of the twelve signs in the zodiac. These signs are divided into four main elements: fire, earth, air and water. Libra is one of the Air elements. It is the second one after Gemini, Aquarius being the third.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of peace, love, and harmony. Libra’s prefer to have happy and peaceful relationships with people; therefore, they rarely stay angry for long and do not hold lasting grudges against others. If you ask a Libra for forgiveness if you have wronged them, they are likely to forgive, forget, and move on.

People love having Libra’s around! Libra’s tend to be very popular, and they can have many friends from all walks of life. Extremely outgoing, they are always involved with the social scene, as they love to meet new people and mingle. Many Libra’s have a lifelong group of friends who they do almost everything with.

As Libra is the sign of beauty, it goes without saying that Libra’s are usually very beautiful and physically attractive, and they place high importance on their appearance. Libra’s prefer to surround themselves with other good-looking people, and only want the be surrounded by the best, most beautiful items. They tend to judge others based on their appearance and status.

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