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Reverend Father Ebube Muonso releases Easter Sunday message

Reverend Father Ebube Muonso.

Reverend Father Ebube Muonso is certainly one of the most reputable Catholic priests in Nigeria. He is well known for the powerful proclamations he makes and miracles God performs through him. Although Ebube Muonso hasn't been frequently making those powerful prophesies like he frequently did some months back, he has been busy with his Ministry work.

Some few hours ago, Reverend Father Ebube Muonso released his much anticipated Easter message for his Catholic faithfuls and the entire country as a whole. In the Easter message, Father Ebube Muonso prayed that the power in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ destroy every invisible barrier against your progress in Jesus name. Reverend Father Ebube Muonso wished all adorers a happy celebration.

Ebube Muonso.

Reverend Father Ebube Muonso needs no introduction when it comes to making powerful proclamations, prayers and prophetic declarations. His prophecies is valued among Catholics and Christians from other denominations within Nigeria. Although the Easter celebration has already kicked off, many people will still greatly benefit from this Easter celebration from Ebube Muonso. As heaven and earth celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, heaven is certainly open to receive prayers from those children of God who believes in the massive powers of God.

Although Ebube Muonso's prayers are accompanied with great power from God, you can only claim all that this prayer has promised you only if you have faith in God. You don't have to be a member of the Catholic church for you to benefit from this powerful Easter prayer from Ebube Muonso. God will gladly bless anyone who truly believes that this prayer can work for him or her. In heaven, there is nothing like denomination among the children of God. God blesses anyone who trusts in him. Trust in this prayer and watch your life transform in positive ways.

Below is the screenshot of Ebube Muonso's Easter message.

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