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How Your Pastor Can Turn You Into Spiritual Slaves

As much as we want to obey the words of our Pastors, we should also be critical, because that is why we have the Bible. If you understand the Bible very well then there is no way a Pastor can ask you to do what is not written in the Bible. However, here are three ways by which your Pastors can turn you into Spiritual Slaves:

1. Telling You To Do What Is Not In The Bible

In Revelation 22:19, the Bible warns about adding or subtracting things from the Bible. Pastors are meant to preach what the Bible says, but when they are telling you to do what is not in the Bible, then they are turning you into Spiritual Slaves. They know that you will do and abide by anything they say, so they will try to add some things to what the Bible says. You should wholeheartedly avoid that and do only what the Bible asks you to do. The duty of your Pastor is just guidance.

2. Telling You To Disobey Your Leaders

In the book of Romans 13:1, Paul advised the Romans to be subject to constituted authority. This simply means that we should obey our Pastors unconditionally. As we obey the words of the Bible, we should also obey the laws of our government. However, you should not allow your Pastors to turn you into Spiritual slaves by asking you to disobey your leaders because if you are caught, you will be the one to face the consequences and not your pastors.

3. Pushing You Into Sin

Any Pastors who sin is not even supposed to be in that position. Well, anything could happen and you need to flee from every appearance of evil. There's nobody that the Devil cannot use and you need to be very careful. Don't allow your pastor to push you into being a slave to sin because it will only destroy you.

In conclusion, you need to spend more time praying for your Pastors because they really need it. You should also spend time reading your Bible so that you won't be enslaved spiritually.

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