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What Will Happens To A Christian If He Gives Less Than 10% As Tithe - Bishop Oyedepo

Christian religious leaders today define a tithe is as a tenth of your income. While some Christians believe it doesn't matter whether you give more than or less than 10%, some others believe that this law must be strictly adhered to.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, believes that the 10% must be paid as tithe. In a sermon, fundamentals of kingdom wealth, which he preached at the third day of the week of spiritual emphasis, he revealed what will happen to a Christian if he or she gives less than 10% as tithe.

According to him, there is a mystery of equality in the kingdom of God, and everyone is supposed to give at the level God has blessed him. He revealed that this mystery is also expressed in tithing, hence it is wrong to pay less than 10% as your tithe.

"The mystery of equality is also expressed in tithing. You have ₦10, ₦1 is your tithe. You have ₦200, ₦20 is your tithe. No harassment. We serve a God that does not force or harass anybody," he said.

He continued by narrating the story of JC Penny. According to him, JC Penney was a business man, who was taught the power of tithing from his youth. This man tithed until his business grew and blossomed. Then he started to reduce his tithe and give less than 10%. Immediately, his business began to go down. When he cried out to God for help, God told him to check where he fell from. He began to pay his full 10% tithe again, and the Lord started to bless his business again. Today, there are JC Penney stores all across America.

He explained that if you pay less than 10% as tithe, the money you pay will no longer be a tithe, but will be accepted as offering, which will disqualify you from enjoying the benefits that come upon people that pay their tithes.

"Your salary is ₦20,000, and then it becomes ₦100,000, if your tithe is still the same, it is no longer tithe. No, don't deceive yourself. The money will be transferred to offering. Lord, why isn't the windows of heaven opening for me; it's because there is no tithe to open the windows of heaven. Your tithe account is zero," he said.

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