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Take a look at the exotic lifestyle of this young pastor who's based in Lagos.(Photos)

Take a look at the exotic lifestyle of this young pastor who's based in Lagos.

The way some men of God accumulated their wealth has posed as an unanswerable question to some Nigerians and the world at large.

The flamboyant lifestyle of pastors keeps amazing Nigerians and leaves them with the question of how they got their money.

We need to understand that, there's nothing wrong with living large and having exotic lifestyle, just as the way a normal man will work and earn money genuinely, they should be left alone to enjoy themselves, they have needs to be settled, everyone loves to have comfort.

It is well observed that whenever a pastor acquires tremendous wealth, people seem to have a problem it, they seem not to be able to keep their nose of the matter, while some will see it and feel unconcerned.

This has made us to talk about the pastor who is in the list of billionaire pastors who shows off his wealth openly, he goes by the name Bishop Yom Samson.

He was born in osun state, he is the general overseeer of Christ Royal family which has been founded over the decades. He graduated from Ambrose Ali University in Edo state where he obtained a degree in biology.

He began his journey as a man of God during his early school days when he observed his love for the work of God. He continued to involve himself in religious activities which made him to establish his own church which is currently located in Lagos state.

As time went by his church began to grow, his ministry began to expand. As we write, he is currently building a university which is still under construction, he is said to own schools, hospitals, factories and many things that are yet to be mentioned.

But there's this particular area of his life that caught everyone's attention, the way he lives and flaunts his wealth, which he doesn't seems to hide from anyone.

His choice of car shows that he really has a good taste, mere looking at his fleet of cars you will agree with me that he's indeed blessed by God.

He continues to give no answer to critics as he keeps flaunting his wealth to the world.

Check out his luxuries below;

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