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My Unforgettable Experience With a Port-Harcout Prophetess Called "Mummy B"

Before we proceed to subject matter of this article, please kindly note that this is a true life story that happened to me the writer of this article. I also want to use this medium to say thank you to opera hub for giving us the power to share our life experiences with millions of people.

My Story

My names are Kingsley Onyekachi Onulaka (you can verify these names on any social media platforms) ,the story am about the share with you all, is a true life story that happened in the month of June 6th ,2016 (a memorable day for me).

I had just finished my secondary school in Lagos,and my uncle's (mum's brothers) decided to take me back to the east, Abia State precisely to further my tertiary education. I come from a very complicated family, at a tender age of 2months, my dad divorced my mum,and she left with me.

So I spent 16 years of my life without a father, until 2016 when we needed him to support in my tertiary education. Rewind back to the subject matter of this article. Ever since my dad divorced my mum, she had no choice than to return back to her father's house (Her father Michael Onulaka built this house) .

My mum has 7 siblings, 3 girls and 4 Boys, they are all above 40yrs now. My mum's siblings do not reside in the village except my mum. Trouble started when all the male siblings had issues in child bearing ( I mean all except one).

For this reason , because my mum was the only one living in the village, all fingers were pointing on her as the cause. They termed her all types of names, the wives of my mum siblings started disrespecting my mum, and calling her a 'witch'. They accused my mum of being the reason why they were all childless. I was small, I couldn't do much except to watch as they humiliated my mum right in front of me.

One faithful day, I and my mum, with my other siblings were at home, ( the village house) and suddenly all my mum's brothers came to the house with one prophetess called "Mummy B" she hails from Port-Harcout.

The prophetess wore a red apparel like that of alter boys in Catholic Churches. What happened that day is still fresh in my memories. Everyone settled in sitting room and the prophetess began speaking . In her words she said my mum was the cause of their childlessness, she called my mum all sorts of names.

After the meeting, that same day my uncle's threw my mum,and I out of the main house ,to the boys quarters. It was a terrible day filled with tears and regrets. The whole olokoro community gathered to watch how they humiliated my mum and I.

We later settled in the boys quater that night, the room was filled with spider webs, it had no ceilings, when it rains the dust particles from the zinc drops directly on us as we sleep. We couldn't sleep, as big rats ran across the zinc wood.

My mum cried all through the night, I understood her pains. From that day onset I hated anything called prophetess that goes visiting families and extorting money from them in the name of family deliverance.

Fast forward to today, my mum siblings have still not had children of their own. Anytime we make prayers at home,my mum prays for each and every one of them. My mum prays that God should bless them with their own kids.

Today am 30 years of age,and by the grace of God am taking care of my mum, who means the world to me. We have moved out of the family house for over 3 years now.

Few informations to note,

1. All the while my uncle's and mum fought I never for once disrespected or insulted them, except for night when they wanted to throw us out of the boys quater house we were managing. That night I stood by the door of the house and asked "any one who claims to be a man should enter and take our property out" they were all surprised at the reprisal attack.

2. I always join my mum in prayers for God to open doors of children for my uncle's.

3. Until this day I love my uncle's but it's over 3 years I set my eyes on any on them.

4. For my dad , I don't know what to describe the relationship, it's over 5 years I saw him last.

5. Please be careful with the type of pastors you bring to your house, some are fake ,and their words can destroy families.

Thank you for reading this lengthy article, this is a true life story I just wish to share with you. It happened to me Onulaka Kingsley, the writer of this article.

The photos attached are photos of myself. Kindly share and remember to click on the follow up button.

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