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Say This Prayer Before Sleeping Tonight Against Evil Arrows

Many people are having horrible issues and are being attacked both in their dreams and in real life. They move from church to church in search of salvation. These are arrows assigned by the wicked ones with the use of witchcraft to disturb the lives of believers and take away their glory from them. When the victim wakes up, he or she is subjected to a mystery onslaught. 

A person who has never come across a cobweb in his home will begin to freely walk into them because he is being attacked by devilish arrows! These have been designed to be dark. By firing arrows, the enemies have afflicted and oppressed countless people. Unfortunately, some people are suffering from satanic enslavement as a result of arrows being launched at them by accident. Many people return home for a visit only to be greeted with arrows. 

Brethren, if you know you are suffering from the affliction caused by this powerful, there is just only a way to overcome it and that is proclaiming God's word to your destiny just as it's written in the book of PSALMS 91:1-5 and coming closer to God by staying away from sin.

Now, go on your knees and say this prayer after me to be victorious against satanic arrows.

.  In the name of Jesus, Father I thank you for your grace of seeing the end of today in peace and not in pieces. I thank you for your greatness and protection for my life, Father I glorify your name for the opportunities of my redemption in your son Jesus Christ, O Lord I say be thou exalted in the name of Jesus.

.  O God, I command every arrow that seeks to turn me into a shameful beggar in my family, return to the sender tonight, in the name of Jesus.

.  Father, I expose every alter that has been raised against me by my silent enemies, Oya break! In the name of Jesus, my body, my head, my liver, my kidney, and my heart hear the word of the Lord and reject all satanic arrows. (Hold your head in prayer) 

.  You Satanic arrows delaying my progress and upliftment in life and spiritually, I destroy you this minute by the power of the shepherd, in the name of Jesus.

.  In the name of Jesus, rise and set fire to the wicked's altars. Arrow of disgrace and untimely death, Backsliding... I destroy you right now by the power in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for answered prayers... 1st THESSALONIANS 1:1.

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