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2 Churches In Nigeria That Are Currently Building Large Auditoriums

Rendering an acceptable service unto God is not the only thing a church can offer its members, but also building a comfortable place of worship. Most churches in Nigeria do not have their place of worship, because they find it difficult to raise a building. But some churches have seen the need of constructing an auditorium that can accommodate their members. These churches are recognized as one of the most populated congregations in Nigeria and Africa.

Because of their population, they have decided to build an extra-large auditorium that is about 100,000 - 200,000 capacity. In this article, we will see two churches in Nigeria that are building the largest auditorium.

- Salvation Ministry

The leaders of the Salvation Ministry have set a new construction of a magnificent building that is called 'the hand of God'. The name was given to the building because it comprises five gigantic halls which represented the fingers of God. The building can contain 120,000 people in a single service.

- Living Faith Church (Winner's Chapel)

Living Faith church which is popularly known as the winner's chapel is among the churches in Nigeria that are building an auditorium for its members. The project which is a 109,000 seaters capacity is still under construction and according to the church, the project will be completed in 2024.

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