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Olukoya Reveals Why Some People Have Lost Their Destiny And Things That Ought To Make Them Prosper

Some of the reasons why most Christians attend church services, church crusades, revivals, and different religious gathering is to pray, praise, and worship God Almighty. Out of these three points that I listed out, prayer seems to always be the priority as people take it more seriously than the rest. A typical Christian would love to pray for hours than do other things. In all of this prayer, saying declarations against evildoers and the devil is very rampant as people tend to attribute their problems to the Devil.

However, Pastor Kolawole Daniel Olukoya has taken to his official Facebook page to reveal the reason why some people/Christians have lost their destiny and things that ought to have made them somebody important in life.

According to the post that he shared, he revealed that the destiny of many people have been destroyed by natives doctor, false prophets and other negativity of life but all of these things happened because the person that it happened to was ignorant of the mysteries of God.

The mystery of God in this context means that a lot of people have failed to recognize the power of God/Jesus as being the superior instead people preferred to rely on earthly things and humans. Meanwhile, in the picture that he shared alongside the caption, he revealed that some people's problems began since they refuse to access the mysteries and power of God.

Prayer Points

Father Lord, please restore to me everything that I have lost to the enemies of my life in Jesus' name, Amen!

Lord Jesus, help me to understand your word perfectly so that I can know of your mystery

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