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If You Are Going To Northern Part Of Nigeria, Stay Away From These 6 Things To Avoid Troubles

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It is so good to be travellingggg around Nigeria our country. Travelling enables us to know different types of people, customs and lifestyle.

However, there is some danger that one can be exposed to, if one embarked on travelling to a place that one did not know about, especially travelling to the Northern part of Nigeria can be worrisome and very challenging to the people who travelled down there for the first time.

Thus, it's in this context that I've resolved to tell you some things that can make you feel depressed if you do it in the Northern part of Nigeria.

1. Eating of Pork meat:

Whenever you travel to the Northern part of Nigeria, especially the following states, like Kano, Sokoto, Katsina e.t.c never eat pork meat in the public it might bring the enemy to you because it's forbidden meat to the teaching of Islam which is the most accentuated religion.

2. Drinking Of Alcohol:

Drinking Alcohol is prohibited in the Northern part of Nigeria especially in the States with sharia, as a result, if you buy it, take it to your inner room to drink, which will prevent you from the wrath of Islamic law.

3.Dress Properly:

The dressing is another point, it entails the proper dressing of the female to always look decent, unlike some other parts of Nigeria where any sort of dressing is allowed.

The same is applicable for men, one must maintain a stable hairstyle and good clothes.

4.Wearing of Ornaments:

If you are the type that loves putting on the ornament, there are some ornament that is forbidden for men and even women that everyone must take note of.

If you are a man never put on gold ornaments because gold is meant for women while silver is meant for men.

5.Sex Education To Underage Children Is Prohibited:

Never talk about sex in the public, be it to preach against for children or adult.

6: Man Must Not Urinate In The Upright Position:

This point is very important for men, it is a common phenomenon for all men to start upright when urinating, but the case is different in the Northern part of Nigeria, you must bend down if you are urinating in the Northern part of Nigeria, although they have their reasons, it is not known to the public.

These are the Northern rules that you need to know before going there, so if you can keep to all these laws you shall have no problems with the Hausas.

Content created and supplied by: Murphy007 (via Opera News )

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