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How The Youths Have Replaced The Bible With Their Mobile Phones

The Bible is the direct word of God and as Christians, it is important that we give much attention to it. In Joshua 1:8, the Bible is not expected to depart from our mouths because we need to meditate on it day and night and we also need to do all that is written in it. So it is important that we find joy in reading the Bible on a daily basis.

It is quite unfortunate that youths nowadays have replaced the Bible with their mobile phones. They can spend 10 hours pressing their phones but they cannot spend 1 hour reading the Bible. Their phones are already becoming a god today because they can no longer do without them. Though they have a Bible in it, they spend time chatting and surfing the internet. Parents are however concerned about this but they cannot since the phone from their children, because it has its benefits.

As they grow up, it is becoming a very pressing issue because it does not look better. A five-year-old boy is already used to handling an Android phone and with all the goodies in it, the Bible might just seem boring to him. However, youth needs to understand that the Bible is more important than their phones. As much as they want to press their phones, they should also crave for the things of God. When you die, you will leave that phone behind but the words that you read from the Bible, can benefit you till eternity.

In conclusion, before it is too late, it is important that we give more attention to our Bible than any other thing. Parents should teach their children how to read the Bible and pray every day. They should also live exemplary lives and create a good pathway for their children.

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