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10 Beautiful Mosques That Are Surrounded By Water, Checkout Their Photos And Locations

There are two major types of religion in Nigeria, such as Christians and Muslims, and they have their own personal doctrine on how they worship God. Christians worship God in the church, while Muslims worship God in the Mosque. Some of these beautiful and gigantic mosques are built on land and water, and people from different parts of the world always pray in the mosques.

See stunning photos of 10 beautiful mosques that are surrounded by water and their locations.

01: Crystal Mosque

Crystal Mosque is a very beautiful Mosque that was built with crystal glass. This Mosque is located in Malaysia

02: Al-Rahma Mosque in Saudi Arabia

This gigantic Mosque is commonly called Fatima AI-Zahra Mosque and his located in Saudi Arabia.

03: An-nur Mosque

An-Nur Mosque is located in Indonesia

04: The Blue Mosque located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Magnificent blue Mosque is commonly called Sultan Ahmed Mosque and was built in Istanbul which is located in Turkey

05: Schwetzinger Mosque in Germany

This gigantic Mosque is located in Germany

06: Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

07: Punching Perdana Mosque

This great Mosque was built near Puchong in Malaysia.

08: Strait Mosque

Strait Mosque was built in Malacca which is located in Malaysia

09: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi,

10: Sultan Omar Ali Mosque

Sultan Omar Ali Mosque is located in Brunei

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