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2 People's Names in the Bible That Have Equivalent Meaning with the Name of Jesus

Through the Bible, the establishment of naming was something very significant to the destiny and purpose of the people, so that the name of a person gives some self-explanatory biography about them.

So, there are people in the Bible whose names had the same meaning as the name "Jesus". One of these names was pronounced exactly the same way you would have called Jesus if it were in the modern day, while the other was spelt and written in another form to connote the name.

The name "Jesus" itself is the English equivalent of the Hebrew, Yeho-Shua; Aramaic, Yeshua; and Greek, Yesous, meaning Jehovah/Yahweh is Salvation or Jehovah/YahWeh Saves. The reason for this English form is because the languages above do not have the letter "J" in their alphabets. The English letter "J" has been used to replace the "Y" consonants.

Now in the Bible, the names that have equal meaning as the name of Jesus are:

1. Joshua

Literally, yehôshûa in Hebrew, the name "Joshua" is the first name that has exactly the same meaning and exactly the same form with the name "Jesus" in both Hebrew and Aramaic. Joshua also means Jehovah/YahWeh Saves or is Salvation. The Revised standard version used the name Joshua for Jesus somewhere in Act 7:45. In fact, in Luke 3:29, the Israelites that was counted as an ancestor of Jesus, is called Joshua (God's Word Translation) and Jesus (king James version)

2. Hosea

Lliterally, hôshêa in Hebrew, the name "Hosea" or "Hoshea" is another biblical name that has similar meaning as the name Jesus. Hosea means salvation. And since there is salvation in no one else but Jesus(Acts 4:12, then Hosea is another name for Jesus.

Although, there are other names like Melchizedek, Adonizedek and Jehoshaphat that were used in reference to the coming Messiah, these two names have the closest and direct meaning to the name of Jesus in tbe Bible.

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