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Spiritual meaning of mango in the dream

Dream about mango could be a sign of divine opportunity, or a particular breakthrough will come to you or someone around you now or in the near future.

The appearance of mango in your dream also might be a situation where the season of your prayer answered..

 This dream activate the fruit and gift of the spirit. Pay attention to the details around the dream of mango, and this will gives you a knowledge of the types of prayer to take.

The spiritual meaning of mango depending on the context of the dream.

However, this general constitutes the followings, prosperity, patience, and favour.

The Bible says, any plant my Father has not planted in your life should be uprooted out, in Jesus name.

There are good effects when you are mango on a tree.

This means your efforts has never be in vain and if you continue to pray more, the meaning of this dream means you will accomplish success.

A frequent symbol of mango dream could also appear as demonic operation to take away, or hijack your blessings from you. Sometimes, this type of dream could manifest as a symbol that your needs have been supplied and the devil is trying to manipulate it. 

It may interest you to know that a wither mango tree signify death, sickness, a struggle personality finding it hard to grow, or even prosper.

If you dream where a mango plant was killed from infant stage, that portend a threat to your fruitfulness and success. 

You need to pray for protection.

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