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These Are What witches And Demons Used against You. Stop Them Now.


Witches and wizard are not as powerful as you might think. They have to power to either harm or control you except with your permissions or your parent's permission

Most people have been initiated into something they know nothing about by their parents. 

The Good news is our heavenly Father is away there to help us all. 

He neither sleep nor slumber. 

Believe me when I say I have studied both bible and Qur'an. There is more that connect us than what divide us. 

Most of the religious crisis today are due to mix interpretation

Ephesians 6:12 says : “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places”. 

According to surah Al Aaraf surat 7, verse 200 in the Quran, “and if an evil whisper comes to you from Satan, then seek refuge with Allah. Verily, he is all hearer, all knower.” 

You see, both in Bible and Quran, we have common enemies which are the devil and his workers demons, witches and wizards. 

We have a spiritual battle to fight and not ourselves. 

Today I am teaching you 'what attracts witches to you and how you can stop them'. 

These are what Witches And Demons Used to Get You.

1. Girls.

The common weapon used by witches and demons especially demons nowadays is girls. The bible says when you fornicate, you sin against your own body. Remember the Bible said “your body is the temple for the Holy Spirit”. Now that you have sin against your body, the Holy Spirit can't duel in your body, there by living room for demons to stay. A beautiful lady approach you and you are happy she did without thinking twice. 

Do you know who she is? 

Do you know what she wants from you? 

You don't know who sent her? 

When fornicating, the Holy Spirit and your guide angel are far from you, there by giving room for witches, especially demons to come. 

My Advice is, keep yourself holy for the Holy Spirit. It takes God's principle to achieve God's miracle. 

2. Who is he or she?

When God wants to bless you, He mostly blesses you through someone and if devil, witches or demons wants to destroy you, they mostly destroy you through someone.

Is left for you to know who he or she is from.

My Advice is, if he or she makes you to sin against God, it is clear that, he or she is not of God. But if he or she took you to know God. It is clear that he or she is from God.

Mind the friends you keep, mind your neighbours, and mind whom you listen to. They are either of God or of demon and witches. 

Let me tell you the truth, if you are not close to God, you are close to whom? Demons, witches or devil himself. 

3. Proud.

It is clearly stated that God hate anyone who is proud. If you are proud, you are far from God and there by taking you closer to demons, witches or devil himself. 

My Advice is, don't be proud, if you are good why announcing it? 

If you are rich, why the show off? 

Do did something, why boasting? 

Stop all these, because witches and demons can use these to get you.

4. Talking Too Much.

Why most you announce what you are about to do? The person you are talking to, do you know who he or she is spiritually? 

Telling people what you are to do, they (witches and demons) might stop you, using your own words against you.

If you are the type that talk too much, you are likely to say what you are not supposed to say. They (witches and demons) will take those words and use it against you

My Advice is, don't tell anyone what you are about to do until it is done. Let them see the results not the plan. 

5. Doubt.

The devil and his coworkers (demons and witches) always come to the mind that doubt. Why most you doubt? Doubt is lack of faith(faith means, believing in unseen). Don't doubt, not even for moment. Your heavenly Father will handle it. 

You don't have to know how, just wait for the results. 

Trying to figure out 'how' is what give room to doubt. Trying to know 'how' will generate fear and doubt. Trust it will be. No wonder Jesus said “men of little faith”.

I blessed you with this article. May God bless you as you share the article to bless others. 

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Stay Blessed!

Content created and supplied by: Crystprince (via Opera News )

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