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Oyedepo comes under attack again on tithing

The Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, alias Winners Chapel International, David Oyedepo tweet on tithing has come under attack, with some persons calling him names.

The tweet on Thursday was "Tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity, not just wealth, is impossible without tithing because when you are not paying tithe, you’re under a financial curse.”

These are some of the comments:

@maclordmmacomz: And some gullible Christians will believe this garbage. As a Christian I'm not a believer of tithes and I'm financially okay, the problem with Christians is that these rogues know they are lazy to study their bibles let alone praying, so they're taking...

@kryptolyf: Truth is Christians are not mandated to pay tithe. It is not a compulsory thing. These rogues are constantly deceiving and ripping off their members,leaving large on their sweat. The truth about tithe is in the Bible for all to see. Truth sets free!

@philipi_ahead:10% of a Christian financial income belongs to God. Either the pastor buys private jet with it or paint church walls is between him and His God. Muslims are obligated to pay zakat. Some spiritual principles, you don't negotiate. It's not for everyone though!Tithe is not the only thing that belongs to God in the Bible but how y’all are quick to give tithes while not giving every other thing that’s required of Christians is what baffles me. You cannot buy salvation.

@blackkhally:Muslims are not obligated to pay zakat, only few who fall into the financial bracket. 2.5% of annual EXCESS, not monthly or annual salary. That's the difference.

@philipi_ahead: Thanks for pointing this out. I am not well versed in Islamic knowledge though, but I believe that giving to the poor is a mention in your faith. We also have many beautiful mosques. They didn't just appear from nowhere. People gave towards such endeavor for a reason.

@blackkhally:You are welcome. Another clarification, mosques are built from sadaqa ( voluntarily donations and other charitables) while zakat is strictly for the redistribution of wealth. It's strictly to cater for the poor and needy to fend from.

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