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Say These 10 Powerful Prayers Before You Attend That Job Interview

These 10 Powerful Prayers Is Meant To Clear Any Form Of Hindrances That May Arise Against Your Job Interview

Nigeria have been suffering employment deficit for over decades. The present global recession brought about by covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worst as many companies have engaged in job cut, retrenchment, and outright 'fire' of workers.

I thing I want to tell you is that you are not alone in this. And your present financial or job status is not permanent either.

There might be few job opportunities being scouted for by so many applicants. What are the chances of you getting one you have no connections or God father as the case may seem.

I want to assure you that God is the greatest connection you will ever need. And he is ready to fix you up with that job you desire today through faith in Christ Jesus.

* 10 Prayer Points To Clear Hindrances And Get Divine Favour During Your Job Interview;

Start by worshipping the wholesome name of Jesus Christ, as God for his mercies and thank him for the gift of life.

1. In the name of Jesus Christ, I arrest and bind any forces that is frustrating my job effort today by fire.

2. I command every wind of joblessness blowing around and against my efforts to be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.

3. You witchcraft and curses of joblessness holding me to ransom, in the name of Jesus Christ, be destroyed by fire.

4. You veil and covering of joblessness depriving me from getting a good job, in the name of Jesus Christ, scatter now and be consumed by fire.

5. You satanic weight placed upon my job to cover and suppress it from coming out, in the name of Jesus Christ, tear apart, scatter and give way now by thunder.

6. O my job, I call you forth now by fire, from the east, west, north and south to locate me, in Jesus name.

7. I receive favour concerning any interview I shall attend. As I step out for this interview, I shall be invisible to every monitoring agents assigned to frustrate and confuse me by fire.

8. I decree that I shall find grace and favour in the sight of my interviewers today, in Jesus Christ mighty name.

9. O Lord my maker, this is my year and this is my time. I shall sail through my next interview. I shall be preferred above all others. I shall have this job by fire, in Jesus Christ name.

10. O Lord, I arrest and destroy every evil power of disfavour. No evil power shall hijack my job testimony this year 2020, in Jesus Christ mighty name... Amen.

I will conclude by saying that with faith in Christ Jesus you can move mountains and anything is literally possible. Believe in him, now and always. You are blessed beyond demonic possession and manipulation in Jesus Christ mighty name... Amen. The job is yours, cheers.

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