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7 Warnings Pastor Oyedepo Gave His Members As They Move To The New 2000-seat Auditiorium

Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, the senior pastor of Living Faith Church, Maryland, United States announces ground rules as the church moves to the new 2000-seat auditorium, Faith Dome. It will be dedicated on the 24th of October and we thank God for His goodness over the church of God. He said that people will be coming to the program from different parts of the world and he gave them 7 warnings that they need to heed to as they move into the church. They are:

1. You must be orderly. We can’t go to a new place, then cause chaos. Where God gave us, it is true God has given us the whole land, but this time around, we didn’t buy houses, neither did we buy estates.

2. Don’t go and do street parking, because the way you enter a place determines your image. We have parking lots so we can take 2,000 cars in all those lots. Just park orderly and like a gentleman/ gentlewoman, you enter the shuttle, they take you.

3. We have parking for the handicapped, if you are not handicapped, don’t park there. There will be miracles in Faith Dome, every week, those who park in ‘Handicapped’ will be getting healed.

4. Don’t fight with officials. With your anointing, don’t fight. Don’t park in neighbourhood. Don’t speed. We have children there.

5. No selling of food. We have retail stores. If you are an established retailer, rent a store. We will not allow food sold in the Parking lot, from 24th (October). Don’t bring any letter. Church Gist. We have retail stores, go and rent. You have never seen me after Service eating in the hallway, so It is not allowed.

6. Make sure that you do all you can to be prepared spiritually, to be part of what next Sunday holds.

7. Please don’t go and visit the site this week. If you are disturbing them from working, how will they finish? Don’t say, “I want to go and pray. Heavy prayer” because we pray there every day, don’t worry. In heaven, there is hierarchy.

Source: Church Gist

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