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Evening Prophetic Declarations Before Going To Bed (16/07/2020)

Evening Prophetic Prayers and Declarations is a time God makes you a commissioner for Power and Dominion, so don’t joke with it, it is a Passover night. It will interest to know that, it is always a Passover night, a night of death, losses, tears, and sorrows for your enemies, stubborn or whatever name they’re called, Exodus 12:12. Lot was freed in the night hour – Gen 14:15, King Chedorlaomer died in the night hour – Gen 14:14-17. It is a night of favour for your life, family, Business and Career. 

Let us boldly pour out our hearts to God as we pray

• Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you Lord for your Grace over my life that I should not be disgraced, Thank you for the grace to stand boldly in the presence of the Majesty, Hosanna in the Highest. Thank you Lord, it is a great privilege to be part of the Heavenly Glorious Family.

• Father in the name of Jesus, I ask for your mercies and forgiveness upon my life, in any way I did error or sin please forgive me Lord, I am sorry, wash me clean by the precious Blood of Jesus and grant me grace to true with You, thank you Lord, my life now reflect the image of God, I am forgiven Amen.

• Father in the name of Jesus, I take Authority and Dominion now over the atmosphere of my dwellings and I cover this vicinity by the precious Blood of Jesus, Holy Spirit I give you full control, please take charge and stop the way against every forces of darkness tonight in the name of Jesus. My life, destiny and Career is loose from the grip of the wicked tonight, my Destiny Helpers are released and set free tonight in the name of Jesus.

• Father in the name of Jesus, I reject that enemy of covetousness, detestable acts and habits that please you Lord and I decree a total end to every nightmares, humiliations, embarrassment, harassment, assaults, frustrations, disappointments, depressions, fear, anxiety, sickness, dryness, stagnation, backwardness, disfavor, and all oppressions of the devil and his agents to end now, right now in the name of Jesus.

• Father in the name of Jesus, I am ready, I will be faithful whether in little or in abundance, all o ask is that you grant me Grace one more time and let thy kingdom Wealth pass through me as a vessel carrying your wealth, for the Advancement of thy kingdom and Glorious Gospel on earth. Father I shall clothe the poor this time, I shall feed the hungry, I shall help the needy, I shall be humble and wise, o I shall not fail, I shall build thy temples, churches a thousand for the Lord than to have a thousand houses all to myself. 

• Father in the name of Jesus, let me be found worthy and trusted as a bank were you can channel your wealth into the church and the world at large in JESUS Mighty Matchless Name Amen.


Receive grace to be two times greater than I am in the name of Jesus, No matter how great my relationship and my work with Jesus was and is right now, receive grace for yours to be two times greater and better with Jesus in the name of Jesus, for greater works shall ye do with Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus, it is done in JESUS name Amen.

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