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The God Of Elijah Who Answered By Fire Is The Same God We Serve Today

God of Elijah who answered by fire is the same God that we serve today. He is mighty in power and strength, He is greater than the greatest, mightier than the mightiest and holier than the holiest. He was the one who answered by fire on the mount of Carmel, what can He not do? Indeed, there is nothing that is too hard or difficult for Him to do. He said in His word that, " I Am the Lord of all flesh, there is nothing too hard for me." Truly, nothing is impossible for Him to do.

Do you remember the story of a prophet, called Elijah, during the reign of King Ahab in the land of Israel? Read 1King 16 :29-33; 17 : 1-24 and 18 : 1-46, from the Bible verses above, King Ahab married an Idol worshiper woman, called Jezebel, she brought her idol, named Baal to land of Israel, Ahab the king and the entire children of Israel worshipped the idol, for this reason, God was not happy about what Ahab had done, He sent His prophet, Elijah to declare that, there wouldn't be rain for for good three and half years, " And Elijah the Tishbite who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, as the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall be not dew nor rain these years but according to my word." (1King17 : 1).

When the three and half years completed, God told Elijah to show himself to King Ahab and informed him to gather all the prophets of Baal and children of Israel at mount Carmel. The King did as Elijah told him. The prophets of Baal made their sacrifice to their god, but their god couldn't answer by fire, but when it was Elijah turn, he followed God's instruction, gathered twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, arranged the woods and slaughtered the cow for sacrifice. He asked them to fetch and poured water on the sacrifice, which they did, then, Elijah lifted up his head to God in heaven and prayed.

God answered Elijah's prayer by sending fire from heaven to consume his sacrifice, the whole children of Israel shouted, "The LORD, he is the God." Elijah was able to restore the children of Israel back to the living God. He killed all the 450 prophets of Baal and also prayed for rain to fall, God answered his prayer and sent down mighty rain to the land of Israel.

My esteemed readers, the God of Elijah who answered by fire, He is still our God today, may He send down Holy Ghost fire to consume all our individual and national problems, in the mighty and unfailing name of Jesus Christ.

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