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Prophetic Declaration For Showers Of Blessings And Miracles From God

Our Lord and Savior, Prince of Peace, we bless your mighty name because of your compassion and love for our lives, we bless your wonderful name. Father shower blessings of success and prosperity on my offspring, as from today onward fill my home with success in all our endeavors and crown our small endeavor with great and remarkable success in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, shower divine blessings of financial prosperity on my business, let every hindrance and obstacles troubling my progress, advancement, business and activities be ended by fire today in the name of Jesus. Eternal Savior, open the door of greatness and progress at my home, shower your dynamic grace on my family for quick progress and expansion in Jesus name. Wherever my generation reaches today, Father be gracious to us and make way for us in the name of Jesus Christ. Release marital blessing of divine connection and intervention upon my family, in the name of Jesus. Father this morning connect my home with destiny helpers in Jesus name. May your favor lead my people to the higher realm of greatness and progress in the name of Jesus Christ. Father today, let your supernatural power guide and sustain my home, surround my destiny today and beyond with fire of protection, in the name of Jesus. I command, let your angels release blessings from every corner of the universe for my descendants today, let your divine grace, compassion and goodness be released on my home in Jesus name. Today I command, father shower new miracles from above on my life and descendants, in the name of Jesus Christ. Father let mouth-opening miracles visit my descendants today, in the name of Jesus. Lord let great and wonderful miracles which will declare your power, might and greatness to the world, begin to appear in my house, in the name of Jesus Christ. Every bastion of stagnation, shame, desperation and reproach around my generation will be uprooted and shattered by fire. Father let your divine mercy fulfill all things related to my business and family today in Jesus name. May God cover my home and business with great victory and success and crush every yoke of shame and failure. As from this morning my generation begin to dominate by the power in Jesus Christ name.

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Eternal Savior Jesus


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