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Check Out The Muslim Country Where The Biblical Tower Of Babel Is Currently Located

The Bible is a book that has different stories that happened many centuries ago and some of the locations that the events took place (the cities or town) might have changed just like the Tower of Babel. Bringing us to the fact that the Tower of Babel is a popular and interesting story recorded in the Bible. 

It is a story were humans tried to reach heaven by building a Tower, but along the line, God got angry with them and destroyed the Tower and scattered humans, making them to speak in different languages. They ended up not understanding each other bringing the work to an end. 

It happened many centuries ago and am sure some people might be wondering were the city is currently located now. Well the Tower of Babel in ancient Babylon is currently located in Iraq a Muslim country with over 98 percent of Muslims. 

To those that don't know the story of the Tower of Babel, can check it out in Genesis 11:1–9. On seeing the Muslim country where the Tower of Babel is currently located, what do you think?

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