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A woman narrates how she gave up a scholarship because a Nigerian pastor dissuaded her.

It was each of the a dismal reflection for a lady who said that she surrendered a grant in light of the fact that a Nigerian minister discouraged her. At the point when individuals scrutinized her degree of knowledge for following such exhort, she said no idiotic individual at any point got a grant to the University of Warwick as blended responses followed her tweet, the lady gave the congregation's name as Potters House, saying she would uncover the minister's personality later . 

A lady with the Twitter handle @Bettyaana keep saying that she surrendered a grant to learn at the University of Warwick in light of the fact that a Nigerian minister in Potters House church prompted her against it According to her, the pastor revealed to her it isn't the "will of God". The lady said she doesn't figure she could ever have the option to get over creation such a choice. In an ensuing tweet, the woman said that she would later uncover the minister's way of life as she called the congregation's name, Potters House. The tormented lady answered to individuals calling her stupid, revealing to them no imbecilic individual ever gets such a scholarly proposal to a lofty college as Warwick. She said that after she dropped out, she needed to leave the congregation later to go total her degree. A portion of the individuals that remarked on her post accompanied blended emotions. While many felt frustrated about her, others asked why she would take such a not well educated choice. 

These were individuals' responses and remarks: 

Same thing transpired, they didn't need me to go. I left the congregation and now I simply graduated with a 2.1 as a pharmaceutical researcher. Lesson of the story do what your heart lets you know task. Since I sincerely what might I have been doing now by Adaora Ndukwe? 

I'm so sorry you experienced that. That congregation goes after the youthful and receptive. Simply grateful that you have opened your eyes and God has demonstrated you the way. This experience will shape you in settling on your own choices in future by Michelle Nwabuike. 

This outcomes day tins is giving me ptsd to the time my minister made me decay my grant to Warwick for the "will of God" said by Cheesecake..

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