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Pastor Paul Enenche illustrates: "How to enter into the realm of Open heavens".

According to Gen. 28:11-18, Open heavens is a state where a believer gain access into heaven while on earth. It might surprise you, someone can be in church for donkey years, fully dedicated and committed to the service of God but can still remain under a closed heaven. When your heavens are closed, experiences such as hardship, scarcity, barrenness, lack of progress, failure and disappointment etc...begins to exist. Life can be so meaningless and valueless until one begins to experience open heavens.

Open heavens is an atmosphere of divinity, a believer is meant to be carrying, the moment he/she is in christ. It is like a channel connecting heaven to you on earth. After our Lord Jesus christ was heard of at age 12, when He was asking the scribes questions at the temple, till He got to 30 years old, nobody heard of Him. Until Jesus met John the Baptist for water baptism and He prayed, then His heavens opened. According to Luke 3:21; This depicts that prayer is the key to open the heavens over the life of a believer. 

Now we are going to look at 4 impacts of how prayer can open the heavens of a believer.

1. Open heavens through prayer grants access to heavenly visions, revelations and directions: According to Ezekiel 1:1; NOW [when I was] in [my] thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was in the midst of captivity beside the river Chebar [in Babylonia], the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God. This implies that when the heavens of a believer are open, he/she begins to see or hear what God wants him/her to see or hear. When the heavens are open, one begins to receive or knowing God's opinion for your life and others. Such a person can never be misled or fall into the traps of the enemy.

2. Open heavens through prayer grants one Divine Angelic encounters: According to John 1:51 and Gen. 28:11-18; This tell us that when your heavens are open, you begins to enjoy the company of Angelic beings . It is important to note the ministry of Angels such as preservation, protection, supernatural supplies etc.. The company of Angelic beings give us the faith to say those with us are more than those against us.

3. Open heavens through prayer grants access to supernatural supplies: According to Psalm 78:23-25; "Yet He commanded the clouds above and opened the doors of heaven; And He rained down upon them manna to eat and gave them heaven's grain. Everyone ate the bread of the mighty [man ate angels' food]; God sent them meat in abundance". This depicts that a man whose heavens are open, can never be in lack and wants. The scriptures in verse 23 says, The Lord commanded the "Cloud above"; when the obstruction that closed heaven is removed, one begins to enjoy all of God's blessing.

4. Open heavens through prayer grants access to the ministry of the Holy Spirit: This is the major advantage of having an open heavens over the life of a believer. According to Luke 3:22; "And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came from heaven, saying, You are My Son, My Beloved! In You I am well pleased and find delight!". This implies that when a believer heavens are open, him/her becomes a carrier of the very presence of God and God himself honor such a person by announcing him/her to the world. When God announce a person, no man can denounce him/her. I decree as your heavens open today, the very presence of God comes upon you and your divine announcement is confirmed in Jesus name.  

How to enter into the realm of Open heavens.

To enter into the realm of open heavens, one must be a man/woman of prayer. Our Lord Jesus Christ prayed and His heavens opened. According to Psa. 78:23; the scripture says, the Lord commanded the "Cloud Above" and the heaven doors open. It is paramount to know that when the enemy wants to hide a man's destiny, they cover him/her with "Evil cloud" in order to be waste him/her. I decree your life and destiny shall not be wasted in Jesus name. Now we are going to pray the prayers below with strong faith in the name of Jesus Christ:

i. Father, thank you for your word to me today. To you be all the glory in Jesus name.

ii. Father, by thy Spirit, I command every evil cloud covering my heavens to be roasted by fire now in the name of Jesus Christ.

iii. Father, as my heavens open today, I enter into the realm of Divine Angelic encounters, supernatural supplies, visions and revelations that will transform my life and destiny in Jesus name.

iv. Father, as my heavens open today, fill me with thy Holy Spirit and announce me to my world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Receive this Prophetic word: 

i. As your heavens open now, your life begins to make good news all over the world in Jesus name. You shall fulfill your days in good health and prosperity in Jesus name.

ii. From today, enjoy permanent Open heavens over your life and destiny in Jesus name. 

I hope you were blessed by this message, Please Share with your friends and loved ones, comment. God bless you richly in Jesus name.

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