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Say These Prayers Of Provision Before You Step Out This Morning

Today, Thursday September 23rd is a blessed day for many people. A lot people are getting blessed today. The Almighty father is sure to provide for a lot of people today. In order to be among these set of blessed individuals, join me in saying these prayers of provision before you step out this morning.

Father, I offer my thanks for all you have done for me since the day I was born till this present day. 

Father, as I go out this morning, please provide for me financially.

Lord, count me among the set of people that you are going to bless today.

Lord, please do not let your blessing pass me by today.

Father, let me recieve abundant provision from you today as I step out today. 

Lord, please provide safety for me against all my enemies and haters as I step out today.

Lord, provide for me, Wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make the right choices today. 

Lord, I pray that the rest of the week, month and year will be filled with abundant blessings.

Father, I shall not lack anything this week in Jesus name.

Father, please provide for my family, friends and fans in abundance.

Thank you for answering my prayers father. For in Jesus name I pray.

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