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Prayer Points Against Stagnation, Setbacks and Backwardness

Heavenly Father, Thank you because of who you are. Thank you for laying down your life so that i may live.

I am deeply sorry that i keep going against my promises to you by continuing sinning against you with my sinful life. Please have mercy upon my life and forgive me for not keeping your commandments.

Please God, have Mercy upon my life. Bless me, bless my handwork and my family. Change my life story for the best. Let your divine light shine upon every aspect my life.

Declare this Prayer Points upon your life, your business, your family and all aspects of your life.

Say This Prayer Point From your heart

In the name of Jesus

1. Every man born of a woman that is operating against my life I come against you in the name of Jesus Amen

2. Every monitoring spirit assigned to follow and monitor me i come against you in Jesus name Amen

3. You spiritual man or woman siting upon my destiny, get up by fire in the name of Jesus Amen.

4. Every Witches and Wizard that says I'll never eat the fruits of my labour in the name of Jesus i come against you in Jesus name Amen

5. Every negativity operating in my life be condemned in the name of Jesus Amen.

6. Arrors of misfortune surrounding my life, business and family get out of my life in Jesus name Amen

7. Every mirror that the evil people are using to monitor and control my progress be destroy in the name of Jesus Amen.

8. I set myself free from every chains that the devil has used to trap my life and success in Jesus name Amen.

9. Because Jesus lives, every aspects of my life receive healing and life in Jesus name Amen

10. Thank you Father for answering my prayers in Jesus name Amen

In Jesus Mighty name i have declared Amen.

Thank you Heavenly Father for i believe that all is well with me, my business and my endeavors.

Begin to Thank the Lord and sing praises to him.

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Jesus Jesus Amen


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