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Opinion: You can pay your tithe as Oyedepo has said but you must follow these 4 steps to avoid curse

There are been lots of trends on twitter recently about what Bishop Oyedepo, the general overseer of Winners Chapel tweet about tithe.

"Thite is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing, because when you're not paying your tithe, you're under financial course"

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Lots of people have reacted to this, even celebrity shared their views about the tweet. some of the notable comments are that of Daddy Freeze and Basket Mouth who totally disagree with the tweet.

Well we see lots of people who are financially free, and do not pay tithe even some don't attend church, all they do is follow basic financial rules and model successfully people, also we can make references to so many books that teaches financial freedom and almost none of their mention tithe as a criteria to wealth.

And in the other side, there are people who believe you can never be rich without paying tithe, even they believe tithe is the only way to blessings.

But either you believe the theory or not, this are the four key steps you must follow in order to avoid financial problems.


The first step is to visualize your desired amount of money, let's say to make 100k every month.

There are lots of power in visualisation, one of it is that it charges the brain to action, because when you imagine yourself in the acquisition of the wealth, your brain will fall in love with it and will continue to reminisce on how you will acquire it in reality.


After you visualize your desired wealth, the next thing to do is to make plans towards it. 

Planning means design the path which you will follow to acquire the wealth, that is make a decision on the business you'll do and how you'll do it. 


After you have decided the business to do, take action and start as soon as possible.


Yes you'll be faced with so many challenges, but don't you ever give up until you achieve the goal.

This are the major for steps to follow if you want to be rich and successful.

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