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3 Lifestyles that attract success.

All life in existence here on earth, are all vying for success because being successful is one of the primary purpose, why every creations such as plants, animals and even man, was made.

Every man on earth has a mark of success inside of him on birth, because it is God's command for all His creations to be successful. The sign that proves that every man has a mark of success, is the appearance of the bright star in the spiritual realm during the birth of any man.

However, there are lifestyles that propel the manifestation of this success into becoming a reality in a man's life.

They include:

1. Charitable lifestyle: Any man that possesses this lifestyle of charity is always a successful man because his charity to people will always bring those people down on their knees and they'll be asking God to bless him in abundance. God naturally makes a charitable man successful, because his wealth is beneficial to others. And such a man is a medium through which God supplies help to the needy, therefore God will always make him successful.

3. Sacrificial lifestyle: Divine upliftment, blessing, and success hardly ignore the call of a man that always sacrifices his resources to God and mankind. Jesus Christ was successful throughout his ministry on earth, because he was a sacrificial personality. He (Jesus Christ) was also uplifted above everything both visible and invincible, because of His sacrifice for humanity. Solomon in his time, asked God for wisdom to rule God's people while his great sacrifices asked for blessings and successes from God on his behalf.

3. Prayer: Prayer here acts as a wall against the deadly attacks of the principalities and powers against one's life.

Both charity and sacrifice naturally speaks about success before the throne of God on behalf of any man that possesses them. Engage in them and you'll become successful.

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