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Say this powerful morning prayer for the last day and last sunday of February for abundant blessings

Heavenly ,father I thank you for this sunday morning, I awake from deep sleep this morning and I have the strength of the day, I thank you for giving me another chance of life and for a fresh start, because of you, I have another chance to make things right today, because of your mercy, forgiveness is made real and I am able to let go of yesterday mess for a fresh start day, because of your grace, the gift of life is entrusted into my hand so that i can live wisely.

Because of your love, i am spared new moment and a brand new beginning in life is given to me. Thank you for the grace, hope, faith and love released on earth that help make today worth living.

Father, open my ears to hear your instructions today, help me be receptive to what you to me all times, give me vision to see this day on the way you need me to see it, cause my heart to be aligned with your heart. May this world become a better place as you work through me today, i pray that i will be more responsible in the things you have committed to my hand in jesus name amen.

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