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Say These Prayers Against Lack And Poverty This New Month

The Lord is our great provider and He has promised to supply all our needs. All we need to do is to ask Him and He won't dissapoint us because He is ready to fulfill His promises in our lives. He has promised to remove poverty and lack from our lives and we need to remind Him of His promises this new month. He is willing to answer our prayers if and only if we are ready to ask. As we enter into a new month today, say these prayers against poverty and lack-

Thank the Lord for His provision and preservation throughout the month of September

Worship Him for His goodness and mercy in the month of September

Thank Him because you did not beg for bread throughout last month

And worship because He will not forget and forsake you this month

As we enter a new month today, you shall not lack any good thing today

The Lord will protect you from all the plans of the enemy

You will not beg for what to eat and drink this month

Poverty and lack shall not be your portion this month

All you need will be provided this month in the name of Jesus

The money you desire shall be granted to you this month in the name of Jesus

You shall not be put to shame this month in the name of Jesus

You shall not fall into debt this month in the name of Jesus

The Lord will be your divine provider

When it looks like things are getting tough, He will stand up for you

The grace you need to make enough money shall be granted unto you

You will not make wrong decisions in the name of Jesus

Your divine helpers will locate you this month in the name of Jesus

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers

We pray, in Jesus name


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