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What Are The Causes Of Marital Delay-Dr. Olukoya Reveals.

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, in his recent post on his Facebook page shared a video message to the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "The sixth reason or cause of marital delay is a deep one. It is called spiritual blindness. Meaning that you just cannot see God's choice. Even when God's choice comes, you can not see it. Because what is playing in your head is different from the choice of God for your life. Speaking further he said " It is what is playing in your life, or brain that most of you are looking for. Whereas God's choice is completely different from the video you are playing.

Speaking further he said "The video that is playing in some people's brains will be like I want a tall, handsome, and good-speaking man. Whereas heaven's vision for them is a short man Who can't even speak correct English. But because you have this negative vision, that is why you cannot see.

Speaking further he said " When you are too blind to see God's choice for your life, you may end up not getting married at all. Because when you nurture a handsome brother or a beautiful sister in your heart, it is like buying a house because of paint. Now listen very carefully! You don't buy a house because of the paint. Rather, you buy a house because of the content.

Watch The Facebook Video Here.

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