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Though Saudi Arabia Is A Beautiful Country, See One Essential Thing That It Still Lacks

One of the popular Nation in the world today is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is located in Western Asia. Saudi Arabia is one nation that have high population of Muslims and it is very popular among many Muslims in the world today. Mecca, officially Makkah al-Mukarramah which is considered as the holiest city in Islam according to wikipedia is located in Saudi Arabia, so Saudi Arabia usually have many Muslims coming for pilgrimage in the country every year.

Saudi Arabia is very beautiful Nation with nice physical structures and natural resources as well. See some photos of beautiful structures in Saudi Arabia as gotten from internet sources.

As beautiful and developed as Saudi Arabia is, it still lack one essential thing and that is a River. This is because Saudi Arabia's diverse geography is majorly dominated by the Arabian Desert, this is may be why some articles classified it as a "Desert Country". According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, river is natural stream of water of usually considerable volume. Being one of the major source of water, River is very essential to man, plants and animals. One amazing thing is that even with the absence of rivers in the state, the citizen of Saudi Arabia still has enough water for their daily use. One question that you might ask is how does Saudi Arabia get their water from.

According to research, Saudi Arabia get their water from two major ways, the first is ground water. Groundwater is derived from under the earth's crust. There is a wide layer of water under the Earth's water.

The second major way by which Saudi Arabia get their water is through desalination. Desalination entails using plants or any other safe means to remove excess salts from sea water making it okay to use.

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