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Opinion: 4 Probable Reasons Why Christ Embassy Has More Global Reach Than Some Nigerian Churches

The growth and widespread popularity of the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome since its inception have been remarkable. However, it is often said that growth is achieved when certain principles are applied in any given area of life.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome pioneered LoveWorld Inc. in 1987, and ever since then, the ministry has grown to be one of Africa's most influential Churches, which has its tentacles spread globally.

Pastor Chris at the 2020 new year eve service of Christ Embassy, spoke about the global reach of the Church's online program 'Your LoveWorld' crossing over 1 billion viewers severally. According to a publication by the Church on the 25th of March, 2021, the total number of streams for one of her programs exceeded 4 billion.

One might begin to wonder how the ministry has been able to achieve such a feat in the propagation of the Gospel.

I will like to pinpoint certain things in my opinion, why Christ Embassy has more reach globally than other Nigerian churches.

1. Its mandate as a Church

Every Church has its God-given vision(mandate). According to Pastor Chris, the mandate of Christ's Embassy is to reach the world with the gospel and power of the Holy Spirit. This is the reason why pastor Chris' ministry isn't focused on reaching those within Africa alone, but the world at large.

2. The early use of technology by the ministry

Photo: Examples of the ministry's social media platforms

Social media as a digital platform has the greatest reach globally. It is no surprise that many Churches have adopted the use of technology in the propagation of the gospel today.

However, Christ Embassy was among the early users of technology as a ministry. On the 31st of December, 2020 Pastor Chris asserted that God told him in the early 90s to inculcate the use of technology in his evangelism - because it had a larger reach than Television stations.

This is why his ministry has many social media platforms for the propagation of the gospel.

3. The Global widespread of pastor Chris' teachings

Globally Pastor Chris is known as a healing minister and a teacher. Many outside Nigeria who knows about Christ Embassy, came to do so through the widespread teachings of Pastor Chris.

The Church's daily devotional - Rhapsody of realities, has been translated into hundreds of languages, and its yearly distributions have earmarked millions. This also has contributed greatly to the global reach of the Church.

According to a report, there were over 40 million pastors who registered for a virtual classroom with Pastor Chris this year.

This was as a result of these ministers wanting to be under the tutelage of the Man of God.

4. The Church's doctrines 

The doctrines of Christ Embassy is one that people can relate with globally because they are less stringent in certain areas. Before now, Churches were against ladies wearing earrings, trousers, etc, but on the contrary, these things are allowed at his Church.

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