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Photos of a mysterious boy who his mates call him 'monkey boy'. Is it wrong or right? Read report

Humans are unique Creatures from God. That's a popular believe in religion. But in science it is a different philosophy, science believe that people came from monkeys or the Ape family. Even a mere looking at the human skull you will see a close resemblance with the Apes skull. 

This African mysterious boy from Rwanda turned out to be almost a perfect explanation for the theory stated by Charles Darwin. 

According to reports from YouTube videos posted recently it is explained that the mysterious boy was raised by animals.

He was born in 1990, and has been bullied by words by his friends and mate since from birth because of his close resemblance to the Apes family. Although I see nothing wrong with him. I prefer him that way than for him to be blind or handicapped . He is unique and hardworking. 

Zanzimana Ellie' is a miracle, his mother explained. Truly he is a miracle and a unique creature. According to his mother in a YouTube interview, she stated that her family had already lost five children to death. Not until zanzimana came and took the plaque away by staying alive. 

Indeed zanzimana is a blessing.

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