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Not tithes and definitely not offerings! See why these pastors are extremely wealthy

Bishop Oyedepo has been in the news this week for saying that,"it's impossible to be wealthy and not tithe."

Most people think that this statement is a way of him cajoling people to pay their tithes because they think that's the source of his wealth.

No, that's far from it. Even he, Bishop Oyedepo himself pays his tithe.

Few days ago, I saw a video of prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa where he totally explained the Popular Mathew 6:33 verse perfectly.

I got to realise that in that verse, Jesus said, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you"

This means that if you seek, you'll find (Math 7:7, Jer 33:3) and when you find, things (including wealth, health and the good things of life) would be added unto you.

These men of God have sought the kingdom and they have found it; so everything they enjoy now, including the extreme wealth are additions for finding the kingdom.

God honours his word so much!

How much offerings do you think would buy a jet, build universities, spinsor mission, feed/clothe the poor and still plant new churches around the world?

The wealth they enjoy are part of the additions Jesus spoke about.

Instead of criticising them, let's seek the kingdom of God too, so that He'll honour his words and add unto us the good things of life.

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