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It is Prayer Time: Pray These Prayers To Attract Favour Before God And Man In All Areas Of Your Life

Favour is a major way of God showing His love to us. He favoured us by sending Jesus to die for us. No man can live smoothly without the favour of the Lord. The Bible says that, and the Boy grew in favour before God, and man, that was talking about Jesus. One thing favour does, is that it exposes man to so many stress free success.

If your are favoured by God, it will surely come down to man favouring you. Even the Bible also says that He who finds a wife, has found a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord. Favour makes the journey of a man so easy.

When favour is at work, it makes anything you desire come so easy, imagine someone who has been wishing to have a car or have a house or anything you can ever desire, and someone just decide to gift you with what you have in mind, it's going to be a surprising moment for you. So therefore, I decree that all that you desire are granted.

A man who marries the right woman, obtain favor from God, let us rewrite this in another way that, a woman who marries the right man also obtain favour from the Lord, what does that mean a marriage is meant to help a man or woman fulfil his, or her destiny, as that's one of the purpose of marriage, then imagine someone who marries wrong, then he or she can't fufiil his or her destiny, so marrying the right person is a favour from the Lord. As favour will give you rest of mind

This period, we will be praying for favour, we will be invoking favour.

Lord, I thank you so much for my life, for the salvation of my soul.

Father, let me receive favour in your sight every time

Father, right now I decree that men shall favour me

Lord, I receive favour in all the places I will go

Lord, everyone that sees me favour me

Father, either young or old, they will look at me to favor me.

Thank Lord because you have answered

Remain blessed

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