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Pastor Omole Has Done More Harm Than Good For Magu; He Has Simply Betrayed Magu's Trust

Pastor Emmanuel Omole(Abuja Based) Has Done More Harm Than Good For Magu; He Has Simply Betrayed Magu's Trust

Having read and watched events unfolding itself as in the case of Magu, Pastor Omole and EFCC. 

I am not only compelled to craft this write-up but also to examine the impact, Pastor's Omole confession of Magu sleeping in his church before he was being charged with corruption allegations would have on Magu's trial!

While I totally commend Pastor Omole for clearing Magu's battered image by debunking that he didn't buy house for latter in Dubai as erroneously believed by Nigerians, I must not fail to say he has caused more problems for him.

As a pastor you call yourself, it is not good to say everything in public. Before I examine the negative impact your confession of Magu sleeping in your church would have on his trial, let me examine one of the very many qualites of a good pastor.

For you are to be referred to as a good pastor, your ability to keep secrets is number one. However, it depends on the nature and circumstances surrounding the secret you are keeping for your members, friends or familes. A typical case is a member confessing to you, he has killed a person. 

And police now comes to arrest your neighbour who has no hand in the killing. What should a good pastor do in these regards? A good pastor would only approach the police team and convince them that the accused is not the offender. Why? This is because if he opens up to the police about the killer of the deceased he has totally betrayed the trust of his member who entrusted him keeping his secret with him. He has trust in the said pastor that is why he kept his secret with him. But if it is something that neither affects the pastor not the interests of the parties involved he can go ahead to reveal everything that transpired.

Applying this to Magu's case, Pastor Omole has done more bad than good for Magu. Why? We all know North is a Muslim dominated part of Nigeria. 

The Northern Muslims seem to have formed cabals. If any Northern muslim does not belong to their caucus, he would not only find it extremely difficult to succeed but also impossible to make any meaningful progress in their midst.

Some secrets are better kept to yourself as a pastor. What pastor's Omole confession of Magu's sleeping in his church means is that he can as well reveal the secrets of all his members to a third party if needs be. It is an undisputed fact that all pastors are expected to be confidential and not coming to the public to say anything they know in private. 

Pastor Omole's recent revelation about Magu passing the night in his church would definitely affect Magu in two ways. 

First, it will make Magu's persecution much tougher in the hands of his Northern brothers. Second, it may end his chance of coming back as EFCC acting chairman even if he is vindicated of all allegations brought against him as he hopefully expressed few days ago.

The fact remains that his Northern brothers would not only see him as an outlier, but also see him as a man with two faces. 

Participating in two religions simultaneously is what our Northern muslim brothers detest and condemn as it is against their faith.

Although you have claimed that Ibrahim Magu is your son, only God knows where your biological connection lies. Nigerians don't know!

Do you agree Pastor Omole has done more harm than good for Magu by betraying his trust?

Is your own opinion different on this?

Constructively, share your comments with me using feedback box below. 

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