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"There Is A Reason Pastors Hardly Hold Financial Breakthrough Crusades In Europe And America - Reno

Reno Omokri is a Nigerian lawyer and activist who took to his Facebook page to revealed the reason why pastors hardly hold financial breakthrough crusades in Europe and America.

Reno Omokri revealed that financial breakthrough crusades only attract crowds in the area where there is high poverty density. He also noted that when you see situations where crowds attend such crusades, they most have been driven by extreme poverty and not faith.

According to Reno Omokri, he said "There is a reason pastors hardly hold financial breakthrough crusades in Europe and America. Such gimmicks only attract crowds in areas of high poverty density.

"To a large extent, our religion in a certain continent (if I mentioned the continent Facebook may suspend me) is driven by extreme poverty, not faith or love for God. Do you love God, or do you run to him because you hate poverty? That is the story of Job.

"Satan said prosperity was why Job served God. So, God allowed Satan to take Job's prosperity and Job still loved God. Can you pass the Job test?"

Reno Omkri believes that pastors in Europe and America hardly hold financial breakthrough crusades because there might not be crowds to attend them, and the only way multitudes would attend such crusades, its because they must have been driven by poverty.

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Source: Reno Omokri.

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